How Innovation & Custom Equipment Fueled WILDE’s Outsized Growth


In 2015, Jason Wright founded WILDE with a vision to create a unique, nutrient-dense, protein-forward snack made from meat. His first product, a bar made from jerky, grains, and seeds, didn’t gain the market traction he’d hoped for, so in 2017, he shifted focus. What if he could replace the potato in potato chips with chicken breast to make a healthier, more satisfying version of his favorite comfort food?

Fueled by determination and a never-give-up attitude, Jason evolved WILDE towards this innovative idea.


Jason found that existing manufacturing technology wasn’t able to capture the crispness and texture of a traditional chip using WILDE’s primary ingredients (chicken breast, egg whites and bone broth). Instead, emblematic of the grit behind WILDE, Jason decided to develop his own proprietary technology, aptly named “the crisper.”

WILDE initially integrated this patent-pending technology into their co-manufacturing process but faced unexpected challenges with outsourcing. Additionally, a strategic investor’s preference for in house manufacturing prompted WILDE to change course. Deciding to establish his own manufacturing facility in Kentucky, Jason sought a partner to finance the required custom equipment.


Jason knew Bridge Finance Group Co-founder Clayton Christopher and his track record of success in the CPG industry, so when a trusted advisor suggested he connect with Grant Christopher, Bridge Co-founder and President, he welcomed the opportunity.

Bridge offered a unique solution to meet WILDE’s needs.

Why Bridge?


Industry Knowledge

Jason needed a financing partner familiar with the intricacies of his specific manufacturing requirements & who understood his vision. With over 40 years of collective experience in CPG, he felt confident Bridge would be a value-add partner.

Speed & Flexibility

WILDE was at a critical juncture, requiring swift action to finance the new equipment to reach the next milestones. Unlike traditional lenders, Bridge moved with agility in furnishing the initial funding, and when unforeseen challenges arose Bridge offered flexibility to weather the storm.

Entrepreneurial Mindset

As fellow entrepreneurs, the Co-Founders of Bridge offered Jason an unmatched level of empathy and support as he steered WILDE through the inevitable ebbs and flows of growth.


Leveraging Bridge’s non-dilutive equipment financing WILDE built its own manufacturing facility with custom equipment resulting in:





capital efficiency
talent acquisition
superior quality

The collaboration with Bridge has truly been transformative for our business. Their support has enabled us to craft the highest quality product through the utilization of our custom equipment, propelling WILDE into the prominent emerging brand it is today.

Jason Wright | Founder & CEO

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